South Africa: The Chamber of Thoughts – a Youth Day Exhibition Capturing the Reflections of Young Artists

As part of the Youth Day Parade on Thursday, 16 June, Sumaiyah Ally Kotty and Mariam Bawa of Studio Sketch have curated an exhibition featuring art, poetry and photography produced by young people. The exhibition, organised in collaboration with the Ahmed Kathrada Foundation, is a space for young people to reflect on the current and future state of South Africa.

“Art acts as a platform for youth to express their voices. Young people are able to use this as a tool to showcase their skill, while expressing how they feel about the world.”

These are the words of Sumaiyah Ally Kotty, co-founder of Studio Sketch, a Joburg-based art and architecture studio. Both she and fellow founding member, Mariam Bawa, received their Bachelor of Architecture in 2020. They are now completing their Honours at Wits University.

Bawa and Kotty, in collaboration with the Ahmed Kathrada Foundation (AKF), have curated an art exhibition – The Chamber Of Thoughts – that will form part of the Youth Day Parade in Pretoria on 16 June. The parade, organised by AKF’s youth activism programme and its partners, is an opportunity for young people to weigh in on the key issues affecting them.

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