4 Types of Software That will Make Your Life Easier as an Entrepreneur

Most entrepreneurs will agree that they have busy lives. There’s always someone to call or something to do. But if you’re not yet using handy software to make your life easier, you’re missing out! Why would you spend your precious time on menial tasks when there is so much software on the market that can take over these tasks- without the error margin. In this article, we talk about 4 types of software that will transform your work week.

1. Invoicing software

Are you still manually making new invoices to each of your customers? Then you’re losing so much precious time. There are programs that extract information from e.g. emails and make invoices out of them. Because of the automatic workflow you obviously get the chance to check the invoice before sending it out, but so much info can be automatically generated. Super handy if you have to send out a lot of invoices on the daily/weekly basis.

2. Customer service software

Every entrepreneur knows that customers are important, but customer service can be an absolute hassle. With customer service software you can collect and analyze data to personalize your customer experience. If you see you get a lot of questions about the same things, you can e.g. make templates with answers you can use for many customers.

3. Data analysis software

Why would you spend hours looking at data when there are tools that can unify information for you? Of course you need to know what you’re looking for or looking at, but AI-powered data analysis tools can make it a lot easier to know what your customers are looking for on your website, where they exit your website, what their age/ethnicity/language is… there’s so much you can learn from data!

4. HR management software

Why would you spend hours on your HR when there are tons of handy programs that work with AI that can make your life so much easier? You can automate payroll, benefits, holiday days with handy self-operating workflows. Those AI systems also allow you to see the employee data in the blink of an eye: see your diversity stats, the turnover rate and more. Doing everything manually is so 2010!

If you notice that your schedule is still jam-packed with tasks and meetings, we recommend you to take a good look at where you’re “losing” time. For instance: it’s a shame if you have to call your collection agency (Dutch: incassobureau ) every time a debtor isn’t paying. Choose an agency (Dutch: incassobureau inschakelen ) that lets you open an online account so you can add your cases in a few minutes. It would be a shame if you spent thirty minutes on the phone every time!

We hope this article gave you some ideas on how to clear up some of the menial tasks in your schedule, so you can focus on the really important things for your business! Which (AI-powered) software will change your life?


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