Zimbabwe: Cop Knocked Dead At Roadblock

A KOMBI driver from Chitungwiza who knocked down and killed a policeman at a roadblock along the Kadoma-Patchway Road in Kadoma is now facing culpable homicide charges, the normal charges preferred for those at fault in a fatal accident.

Sergeant Oscar Kanjute, who was hurt badly when hit by the speeding white Toyota Hiace (AFL 8048), died upon admission to Kadoma General Hospital last Tuesday.

Kanjute was one of the officers conducting traffic enforcement duties at the roadblock.

The kombi driver, Dadirai Sixpence (46) of Chitungwiza, had six passengers in the vehicle when the incident occurred.

It is alleged that she was driving the kombi when the vehicle in front of her kombi was waved to stop at the roadblock, but Sixpence just swerved to the right, hitting the policeman who was stopping cars coming from the opposite direction.

The policeman was dragged for a few metres and sustained serious injuries. The vehicle has since been taken to Kadoma VID for investigations.


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