Kenya: High Court Bars Vaccination of Children Without Parents’ Consent

Nairobi — The High Court has barred the government from vaccinating school children without the consent of their parents.

Justice Anthony Mrima issued the temporary order after a parent claimed that the government was vaccinating students without consent from their parents.

Enock Aura said the directive by the ministry of Health is unconscionable, unconstitutional, egregious and constitutes sheer exploitation of the youth which is forbidden and outlawed under the constitution.

“It is imperative that the specific plea forbidding the Ministry of Health from invading schools and churches across the country to inject vulnerable and exposed school children with” Covid-19 vaccine pending hearing and determination of petition,” he urged the court.

His lawyer Harrison Kinyanjui said school children and youth attending churches across Kenya are in grave and mortal danger of being coerced unwillingly into being injected by agents of Ministry of Health.

He said health effects are irreversible while passed off as medical “vaccines” yet the children’s parents have not consented to in writing before a medical practitioner as required by section 9 of the Health Act, for their said children to be so injected.

Lawyer Kinyanjui argued that schools, churches and workplaces are not designated or Gazetted Health care facilities or hospitals for the ministry of health to administer “Covid-19” “vaccines” to school-going children and who are healthy or at any rate unwilling to be “vaccinated” in such medically non-designated learning facilities and worship places.

“Article 18(2) of the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights (ICCPR) states that no one shall be subject to coercion which would impair his freedom to have or to adopt a religion or belief of his choice,” lawyer Kinyanjui told the court.

He added that many youth’s routinely attend churches across the country without company of their parents and schools are solely identified and known across the country as exclusive learning institutions and facilities where parents do not accompany their children all day.

The judge directed the matter to be mentioned on June 27 for to confirm compliance and for fixing of a hearing date of the consolidated petitions.


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