Kenya: Is Wajackoyah the ‘Third Force’ in August Presidential Election?

Nairobi — Roots Party Presidential Candidate George Wajacoyah is slowing shaping to be a third force in the August 9th general election albeit a trailing one compared with the two front runners.

In a recent poll conducted by TIFA, Wajackoyah who is known for controversial political pledges has been ranked 3rd with a 7 percent popularity rating.

The Roots presidential flag bearer who has pledged to legalize Marijuana has lately been gaining traction as he scrambles for the youth vote which might have a ripple effect on the vote basket of the Raila Odinga (Azimio la Umoja) and Deputy President William Ruto (United Democratic Alliance).

Wajacoyah might not make it to be the 5th president of the nation judging by the recent polls but his popularity cannot be underestimated as it might eat into the vote-bank of either Odinga or Ruto.

Political analyst have observed that if Wajacoyah manages to gunner more than five hundred thousand votes, then the country might be forced to go for a run-off.

At the initial campaigns, the Roots presidential candidate was seen as a nonstarter in the State House race by prominent analysts but in the next 49 days before the polls he might just be the man to keenly observe even as the August political race is projected to be a two-horse race between Ruto and Raila.

Political leaders from either side of the political divide be it Azimio la Umoja or Kenya Kwanza Alliance have raised concerns on the matter.

During an interview on Monday with NTV, Kiambu Gubernatorial candidate William Kabogo opined that Wajackoyah had just changed the outlook of the statehouse race, saying it no longer a two horse race.

The Kiambu gubernatorial hopeful on Tujibebe Wakenya party insisted that in the remaining time before the poll can change the political landscape in the presidential race.

“One week is like ten years in politics. We are seeing a lot of changes as the election approaches. Before, the horses were two but now you cannot say it’s a two horse race. Right now we are looking at three horses,” said Kabogo.

Earlier, Kitui Governor Charity Ngilu claimed that the Roots Party Presidential candidate popularity is gaining on Deputy President William Ruto.

Through her twitter account, Ngilu stated that the Roots Party presidential candidate has raided Ruto’s demographic with his promotion of the anti-venom trade and marijuana farming.

“It’s not so much the Azimio surge & consolidation of key bases. It’s also the rapid momentum with which Kenya Kwisha are ceding ground they previously comfortably occupied like Mt Kenya. Even Wajackoya is now threatening their assumed key demographic of 18-30 and partakers of marijuana,” she stated.

According to Ngilu, Kenya Kwanza is losing ground each passing day with Wajackoyah likely to dominate in groups they have claimed they enjoy massive support.


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