Tanzania: Premier in Ngorongoro As Hundreds Maasai Move to Msomera

PRIME Minister Kassim Majaliwa is in Ngorongoro to witness the second batch of Maasai pastoralists who have agreed to voluntarily relocate to Msomera village in the eastern Handeni district of Tanga, some 600 kilometers away from their original habitat.

At least 117 people from 27 households will be moving to Msomera on Thursday to start a fresh life, majority of which claiming “it’s a new promising land” of bread and butter.

In Ngorongoro, the premier is also scheduled to inspect the status of beacons for the demarcation of the 1,500 square kilometer conservation area in Loliondo.

Majaliwa has hailed villagers in Ngorongoro for their decision to voluntarily move to Msomera village, assuring that the government has their interest at heart.


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