Tunisia: President of Republic Calls On Tunisians to Vote for New Constitution

Tunis/Tunisia — President of the Republic Kais Saied called on Tunisians to vote for the draft Constitution that will be submitted to the vote on July 25, “to meet the people’s aspirations and save the State.”

In a letter to the people, the text of which was published on the Facebook page of the Presidency of the Republic, Saied said that this draft Constitution “stems from the principles of the Tunisian Revolution and the rectification process.”

“Vote “yes” to save the State, achieve the goals of the Revolution and put an end to misery, terrorism, injustice and pain,” the Head of State urged in the letter.

President Kais Saied assured that the proposed draft Constitution does not infringe on fundamental freedoms, unlike what has been reported in this regard.

Besides, he pointed out that the aim of creating a National Council for the Regions is to guarantee a large participation in decision-making.

Published in the JORT on June 30, the text of the draft of the new Constitution has been the subject of heated debate both in political circles and in the public sphere. Critics of the project consider that the new Constitution threatens the gains of the Revolution and opens the door to an “authoritarian” drift and a “dictatorial” regime of the president.

However, the defenders of the draft Constitution, which will be put to the vote in 20 days, consider that it expresses the will of the people and puts an end to the imbalance of powers, which has been at the root of the political crises that have shaken the country.


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