Kenya: Justice Okong’o Says Mothers Should Be Allowed to Make Their Choice On Abortion

Nairobi — Justice Okong’o Samson Odhiambo says mothers should be allowed to make a choice on whether they want to abort or not.

Appearing before the Judicial Service Commission (JSC) during the Court of Appeal judges interviews, Odhiambo told the panel he believes everyone has a right to make their own choice.

“My personal view is that people have the freedom to decide on what to do with their lives,” he stated.

Justice Odhiambo however acknowledged that abortion is illegal in the country, save for particular incidences, like when the mother’s wellbeing is at risk.

“Abortion under the constitution is not legal but the constitution provides situations when it can happen,” he said.

When the panel asked his view on Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender (LGBT), Justice Odhiambo said that although it is outlawed in the country, he still believes that people should be left to make their own life decisions.

“There was a decision that upheld that it is illegal, but I have given my personal position,” he said.

Lady Justice Achode Lydia Awino who was among first candidates to be interviewed said that she is pro-life, adding that she believes in the traditional way of doing things, including the traditional family set up.

She also disclosed that she is anti-LGBT as well as death penalty.

The interviews to fill six positions for the Court of Appeal judge kicked off on June 27, 2022 and will end on July 12, 2022.


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