Somalia: President Hassan Sheikh Visits Somali Forces Training in Turkey

ANKARA – The President of the Federal Republic of Somalia HE Hassan Sheikh Mohamud visited the Turkish Commandos Training School in Isparta, where Somali Commandos are being trained.

The President was welcomed by officials from the Turkish Ministry of Defense and officials from the Turkish Armed Forces and thanked them for their important role in rebuilding the Somali army, noting the value of our government and the restoration of security in the country.

President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud listened to trainers and officials at the school, briefing them on the condition and quality of battalions of the Somali Special Forces, who are undergoing advanced training at the Turkish commandos school in Isparta.

The President also had a lunch meeting with Somali officers and soldiers undergoing training at the Isparta Commandos School and briefed them on the government’s plans to rebuild the army and ensure security in the country, praising its commitment.

They have to sacrifice their lives to defend their country and their people.

Accompanied by President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud, Minister of Defense of the Federal Government of Somalia HE Abdulkadir Mohamed Nur, National Security Advisor to the President HE Hussein Moalim Mohamud, Ambassador of the Federal Republic of Somalia to Turkey HE Jama Abdullahi Aideed, Military Attaché at the Somali Embassy in Mogadishu Turkey General Mohamed Mohamud Hussein and Director General of the National Presidency His Excellency Hussein Sheikh Mohamud.



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