Kenya: Wajackoyah Manifesto Launch Ploy to Steal Limelight From Me – Ruto

Nairobi — Deputy President William Ruto now claims that the parallel unveiling of his manifesto and that Roots Party presidential candidate George Wajacoyah was ploy to steal the limelight from him.

Ruto who was speaking during a Town Hall session hosted by KTN News said that Wajacoyah was parachuted at the last minute to divide the attention on manifesto launch between the two presidential candidates.

“I want to be respectful to other candidates but a fellow was parachuted so that we share the screens. I mean… which again speaks to the narrative of a biased media so the media needs to interrogate itself,” he said.

The Deputy President lamented that the media has been giving him unfair and biased coverage alluding that the divided attention during the coverage was a clear example of a biased media.

“Am not saying this out of the blues. Amn’t saying you give us unfair coverage am just saying be fair to all of us,” Ruto stated.

The United Democratic Alliance (UDA) presidential candidate has time and again complained about unfair media coverage with the ripple effect being to withdraw from planned presidential debate by the Kenyan media.

WSR Campaign Communications Director Hussein Mohammed said Kenyan media houses have been biased in covering campaign rallies conducted by the Kenya Kwanza team.

“Under the current partisan media environment, we have advised our candidate against participating in the presidential debate,” Hussein said.


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