Tanzania: 1bn/ – Water Project to End Water Woes in Geita

THE Rural Water and Sanitation Agency (RUWASA) in Geita District is implementing a 1bn/- water project at Katoma Ward and Nkome Island, as part of efforts to end water services scarcity in the areas.

The water project that is expected to be completed in July this year will benefit eight villages.

Geita District RUWASA Manager, Engineer Sande Batakanwa gave a brief overview of the project recently while speaking to reporters on availability of the precious liquid in the wards.

“This project will benefit five wards, namely Katoma, Nkome, Nyamoge, Rwezera and Nzera wards, but due to budget deficit, we have started with two wards of Nkome Island and Katoma.

“The project involves construction of a water source, water treatment plant, pumping station, the installation of four water pumps including two pumps from the source point (Lake Victoria) and two pumps to supplying point (the water tanks),” he said.

The Engineer added that they are going to build four tanks, two at Nkome Island and two in Katoma ward.

The tanks will be on a six-metre tower with a capacity of 225,000 litres of water, and will also build 30 water points.

He said the project will as well involve construction of five small kiosks and put in place water pipes connecting to the tanks from the source to the community at an approximate distance of 64 kms to serve about 46,415 people.

Nkome Village Chairman, Mr Angelo Daniel admitted that upon completion the project will provide long lasting solution to water woes in the villages. Nkome Ward Councilor, Mr Masumbuko Nsembe said, the project will save children from being attacked by crocodiles once they go to fetch.


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