Angola: Navy Commitment in Fighting Illegal Immigration Recognised

Luanda — The Angolan Interior minister, Eugénio Laborinho, on Sunday acknowledged the efforts and patriotism of the Angolan Navy (MGA) in the fight against fuel smuggling and illegal immigration.

In a congratulatory note on the occasion to the 46th anniversary of the creation of this branch of the Angolan Armed Forces, the minister highlighted the role played by the MGA in guaranteeing coastal security, as well as in the fight against maritime piracy and illegal fishing.

According to the statement, as an organ of the Angolan Armed Forces, the navy has carried out missions alongside the other defence and security bodies, protecting the country’s water resources, via its naval regions.

He said that the MGA was set up soon after national independence, embracing the challenges of defending the country and the inviolability of the territory, along some 1,600 kilometres of maritime border, against external aggressions and invasions.

The MGA was created on July 10th, 1976, by the first President of Angola, António Agostinho Neto.


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