Kenya: CMA, Agriculture Ministry Sign Pact On Affordable Maize Flour

Nairobi — The Cereal Millers Association (CMA) and the Ministry of Agriculture have signed an agreement that will see the price of a 2-kilogram packet of Maize Flour retail at Sh100.

The agreement follows an announcement by President Uhuru Kenyatta on Wednesday on new stimulus measures to cushion Kenyans against the high cost of living, effectively lowering the cost of maize flour.

According to CMA, the pact will ensure that all Kenyan consumers have access to adequate supplies of affordable, nutritious, and quality maize-flour.

“The CMA is confident that the agreement will protect Kenyan consumers from the high food prices. As an association we are committed to playing our part to ensure all Kenyans can afford to put a meal on their tables,” a statement from the organisation stated.

Under the agreement, the CMA members will sell maize flour brands, at a subsidized rate, to retailers and distributors in all parts of the country.

The retailers will in turn ensure that consumers can buy the flour at a maximum price of Sh100 per 2kg bag.

The successful agreement was arrived at following fruitful negotiations that resulted in the National Treasury setting aside funds for the subsidy programme thereby ensuring that the maize flour price is capped at the Sh100 price

Additionally, an oversight committee will be formed with representatives from the Cereal Millers Association, the Ministry of Agriculture and the National Treasury to oversee the effective working and success of the subsidy programme.

Maize meal is Kenya’s staple food and its cost escalation was threatening to divide the nation, with leaders outside the government calling for urgent measures to lower its price.

With the campaign period at its peak, the escalation of the cost of living has dominated campaign rallies, with Deputy President William Ruto accusing his boss and the entire administration of failing to take action.

But when he addressed the nation on Wednesday, President Kenyatta said his administration has implemented a raft of stimulus measures to helo cushion Kenyans against the high cost of living, including fuel subsidies that has helped maintain the cost of fuel which could have been retailing at as high as Sh200 per litre for petrol.

President Kenyatta, who is set to leave office in three weeks’ time when Kenya goes to elections on August 9, said his administration has also implemented various other measures to cushion Kenyans, including at the height of the COVID-19 pandemic.


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