Tunisia: National Salvation Front Stages March Against July 25 Referandum

Tunis/Tunisia — Participants in a march staged on Saturday in Tunis at the initiative of the National Salvation Front said that the July 25 referandum will be “a hard blow” to President of the Republic Kais Saied. Tunisians will prove to him the extent of the popular opposition to his “coup d’état.”

The participants brandished the slogan “boycott,” in reference to the referendum on the draft of the new Constitution.

Salvation Front President Néjib Chebbi said that Tunisians have become poorer since July 25, 2021 (…) and the head of state has become “more isolated at home and abroad.”

He added that it is now necessary to “turn this page” and “begin a new stage in order to establish a national dialogue and set up a government of salvation to save the country.”


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