Kenya: Count on Us for Your Health Supplies, KEMSA Assures Governor-Elects

Nairobi — The Kenya Medical Supplies Authority (KEMSA) has pledged to support the health promotion agenda at the county level for newly elected Governors’ as part of the Authority’s three-pronged transformation strategy.

Within the KEMSA 2.0 strategy, the Authority has formulated plans to enhance the customer experience standards for all counties by ensuring faster order turnaround times.

Speaking when she hosted Garissa Governor-Elect Nathif Jama in her office, KEMSA Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Terry Ramadhani said the Authority is currently executing the rapid results strategy geared at raising operating efficiencies and customer satisfaction.

The KEMSA 2.0 strategy, she said, focuses on building momentum for organisational productivity; to guarantee efficient last mile delivery of health commodities countrywide.

“County governments can only be described as KEMSA’s priority or prestige clients, and we are sparing no effort to ensure that we meet their last mile medical supplies needs as best as we can,” Ramadhani assured Governor-Elect Jama during his courtesy call to the CEO at KEMSA Head offices.

She added, “Within the KEMSA 2.0 strategy, we are focusing on key performance indicators, including optimum order fill rates and a less than seven days turnaround time. We are also focusing on mutual engagements with the County governments to help unlock more than Kshs 2 billion of overdue pending bills from several counties.”

On his part, Governor-Elect Jama pledged to work closely with KEMSA in the sourcing and supply of health products and technologies.

Governor-Elect Jama acknowledged that he had been elected on a development platform that prioritises water and health sector reforms to facilitate county development and prosperity for the people of Garissa.

“As the Governor-Elect Garissa, I am hitting the ground running, and I have reached out to KEMSA because I know their capabilities and quality assurance standards. I am impressed that the Authority is now riding on a KEMSA 2.0 strategy which aligns with my health delivery priorities outlined in my manifesto,” Jama said. He added, “At the Garissa County Government, we will work to ensure that we meet our part of the bargain to KEMSA through prompt payments. We also urge KEMSA to focus on high order fill rates and prompt turnaround times.”

KEMSA dispatched more than Kshs 27 billion worth of Essential Medicines, and Medical Supplies (EMMS) and National Health Strategic Programs (NHSP) supplies countrywide in the last financial year.

In recent months the Authority has collected more than Kshs 2.7 billion overdue pending bills owed by County governments through a stakeholder engagement-focused credit management strategy. Under the new KEMSA Credit management strategy, the Authority has set a target to collect at least Kshs 500 million monthly in outstanding dues from county governments to boost our service delivery capacity.


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