Tanzania: Pccb Probes Faulty Projects Worth 7.2bn/ – in Singida

PREVENTION and Combating of Corruption Bureau (PCCB) in Singida region is investigating development projects worth over 7.2bn/- due to various defects in their implementation; including violations of procurement procedures.

Announcing the Bureau’s performance report for April – June, Regional PCCB chief, Mr Mzalendo Widege said the investigation included 17 projects on health, education and water sectors after finding out that there was delay in completing them on time according to contracts’ terms of work.

“The general deficiencies include delay in completion of the projects according to the contracts. Two health projects were also found to consist criminal indicators; so an in-depth follow up is being conducted with the aim of starting an investigation in the relevant areas” he said, adding, “When we find out there are indicators of corruption in a certain area of performance and others that people complain about due to poor services, we usually advise and provide guidance on how best to solve and control the problem”.

In another development, Mr Widege revealed that the Bureau was monitoring the mining, construction and fishing sectors to ensure that revenue collected is received through proper tax collection machines popularly known as ‘Point Of Sale’ (POS) and subsequently remitted to the bank for safe custody instead of remaining in the hands of the revenue collectors.

He also noted that although education was being provided regularly to people and awareness raised through various means on the wickedness of corruption, yet a total of 70 complaints were received during the period under review, out of which 42 are reports on corruption and 28 others are mere complaints not directly related to corruption.

According to him, the Local government sector topped the list with 26 complaints, Land (10), Judiciary (7), Education (6), Police force (4), Health (2), private sector (3) and other sectors have 12 complaints.


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