Gambia: Not Easy to Escape the Long Arm of Justice Nowadays

It is often said that power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely. When a person becomes drunk with power he/she sees only his/her might and nothing else. Such a person becomes blind to justice, acts like a beast and would not hesitate to destroy a fellow human being who stands on his/her way. Such a person is ready to kill and maim perceived enemies. Such a person only thinks of today and not the possibility of falling from grace and being hunted down to face justice. And when they do fall from grace they hide in corners to escape justice but nowadays the long arm of justice chases them to their hideouts and brings them to face justice.

What is significant is that each of us has come to this world and found some developments. We should not destroy, much more our fellow human beings, but contribute our quota to raise the development to higher heights.


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