Gambia: What Is Wrong With Our Education System?

Quality education is the cornerstone of any modern society. Quality education enables people to realise their full potential, thereby contributing significantly in any active and productive society.

In fact, Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) 4 put strong emphasis on ensuring inclusive and equitable quality education to promote lifelong learning opportunities.

The West African Examinations Council (WAEC), Banjul Office in a dispatch has announced the release of results of the 2022 West African Senior School Certificate Examination (WASSCE) for School Candidates.

According to the figures, a total of six hundred and five (605) candidates (3.94%) obtained credit passes in five subjects and above including English Language and Mathematics. On a gender basis, 316 (5.00%) male candidates had five credit passes and above in which English Language and Mathematics are included, while 289 (3.20%) female candidates had five credits and above in which English Language and Mathematics are included.

Going by the figures presented, it is easy for one to conclude that the country’s education system is crumbling in view of students’ performance.

The Ministry needs to do a lot to ensure that the country’s primary education, being the foundation, gets the much needed attention it deserves.

Ensuring a solid foundation is key in any endeavour. The Gambia used to have a strong and solid primary school education but it appears those gains are fast depleting.

Education is the cornerstone in any development. Therefore, the government must invest in education if the country is ready to have a good future.

This year’s result is not only worrying, but tells a lot about the country’s crumbling education sector.

Parents should also develop keen interest in their children’s development and learning.

Government should do what it takes to promote the welfare of teachers. Many teachers are now leaving the field because of lack of motivation and other commitments.

Government should prioritise early childhood and primary education as everything starts from there. We owe it to the future of this country to prepare a solid foundation in terms of education for the future generations.

Remember, former United States president, Benjamin Franklin once famously stated: “Failing to plan is planning to fail.”


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