Somalia: The Army Chief Calls On Troops to Continue Offensive On Al-Shabaab

The Minister of Defense Abdulkadir Mohamed Nur and the Chief of the Somali National Army, General Odowaa Yusuf call for the Liberation of the Hiran region.

They thanked the armed Forces for fighting Al-Shabaab and the capture of key areas in the central region from Al-Shabaab.

The SNA boss urged the Govt forces to make sure that Al-Shabaab will not return to the areas they were liberated from in the Hiran region.

He said that it is also necessary to remove the militants from other areas that are still under their control so that the aid agencies will assist the people hit by the drought.

The Minister of Defense and the Commander of the Armed Forces are on their trip to the Hiraan Region amid a war against the Al-Shabaab.

The President and Prime Minister have declared an all-out offensive against Al-Shabaab after deadly hotel attack in Mogadishu early this week which killed 21 people.


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