Nigerians in Cote d’Ivoire Ask Buhari to Recall Consular Officer

Nigerian community in Cote d’Ivoire has urged President Mohammadu Buhari to urgently recall the country’s Consular Officer in Abidjan, Mr. Damilola Abikoye, over alleged threat to diplomatic relations and abuse of office, which is causing them serious embarrassment.

This is contained in a petition by the President and General Secretary of the Nigerian community, Lawani Waliou and Akinwale Tajudeen.

The Nigerian community in Cote d’Ivoire asked the President to handle the recall process with dispatch to nip the looming diplomatic incidents and anger of Nigerians in diaspora in the bud.

The people, who accused the consular officer of using his diplomatic immunity to contravene lvorian laws relative to foreigner associations, said that the officer’s attitude was causing them great embarrassment.

The petition said: “In order not to escalate this matter to an irreparable level of popular revolt of Nigeria community in Côte d’Ivoire and to avoid a replay of Indonesia incident, where Nigeria consular officer was beaten black and blue by the country police, Mr. Damilola Abikoye should be recalled now. Mr. President is hereby advised not to wait till a request is sent to Nigeria for immunity waiver on the consular officer.”

The Nigerian community also advised President Buhari to direct that the current analog consular card be replaced with a biometric card in accordance with host country’s speculations.

“All other countries have been issuing the biometric card except Embassy of Nigeria simply because the analog Consular card has been a lucrative source of illicit enrichment,” the people said.

The Nigerian community, also asked the Nigeria government to direct Embassy of Nigeria in Abidjan to forthwith respect rights of Nigerians to association and management of their internal affairs, explaining that responsibility of the Embassy were purely advisory and be maintained.

“The right of Nigerians in Cote d’lvoire to organisation of their association is sacrosanct, inalienable and must be respected.

“Embassy of Nigeria should recognise the legality of Communauté Nigeriane en Côle d’lvoire (Nigerian Community in Côte d’lvoire) and by extension the Constitution of Republic of Côte d’lvoire. A situation where a Consular Officer is making moves for the repeal of law that established this association is undiplomatic, embarrassing and a total display of diplomatic rascality.”


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