Liberia: Angie Brooks International Centre, Eminent Women Call for Collaborative Efforts to Prevent 2023 Electoral Violence

Monrovia — The Angie Brooks International Centre in partnership with the Eminent Women of the Women’s Situation Room (WSR) says the issues of electoral violence that are steadily approaching the 2023 General and Presidential Election requires an immediate multi-stakeholder approach to be addressed.

Addressing journalists in Monrovia on Thursday, the Lead Coordinator of the Angie Brooks International Centre Madam Yvette Chesson Wureh stressed the need to bring all grieving political actors to collaborate and abide by what she terms as the tenets of democracy with high regard for the rule of law.

She also praised the United Nations Peacebuilding Fund for supporting the work they have done together in the last 18 months.

“This we cannot compromise as it is the referee putting in check the two sides of peace and violence in their respective corners,” she said.

Madam Wureh added: “It cannot be done in one day and it cannot be done by one entity. As a lead civil society organization, the Angie Brooks International Centre and the Eminent Women of the WR mechanism are calling on all partners; national and international to continue our collaborative efforts to cut out these cancerous signs of violence as the country prepares for the 2023 elections.”

Madam Wureh also calls on various media outlets in the country to conduct themselves in the best form and ethical manner to avoid chaos during and after the election process.

According to her, the Angie Brooks International Centre in partnership with the Eminent Women of the Women’s Situation Room has observed that media institutions in the country are being used for the creation of critical defects in information dissemination, something she says perpetrates chaos in the country.

“The Eminent Women also recognize other instances where independently-owned media outlets due to how journalism in the sense of not checking facts before publishing news items or even sensationalizing issues have shared information that caused harm in relation to the promotion of a particular point of view,” she said.

Madam Wureh added: “As a profit-making venture, some journalists just simply start an innocent propaganda in an attempt to sell their newspapers or generate traffic to their online and social media platforms, but in the process, the outcome has repercussions of significant proportions.”


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