Liberia: Former Senate Pro-Tempore Calls for Justice Youh’s Rejection for Regional Balance of Power

Monrovia — For President Pro Tempore of the Liberian Senate, Armah Zulu Jallah has called on his former colleagues to reject President George Weah’s nominee for the coveted post of Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Liberia.

Last week, President Weah, exercising his constitutional duty, Supreme Court Justice Sie-A-Nyene Gyapay Yuoh as Chief Justice of the Republic of Liberia to replace Chief Justice Francis Korkpor who retires in September 2022.

The Senate Judiciary Committee led by Grand Mount Senator Varney Sherman on Friday began Justice Youh’s confirmation hearing. But in the midst of the process, former Pro Tempore Jallah called on the Senate to decline her confirmation to save the three branches of the Liberian Government from being headed by people of the same region- the southeast.

“Honorable members of the Liberian Senate, one could wonder whether or not it is only southeasterners who have the requisite qualifications for such key positions in Government. If this Government is to be inclusive, and participatory, then the head of the three branches of government should not come from the same region,” he said.

“I strongly believe that you will act in the interest of the Liberian people and will do impartially by denying, refusing, and declining to confirm the Chief Justice designate of the Judiciary Branch of Government also a southeasterner,” he further pleaded.

A circus of Southeasterners

If Justice Youh gets the Senate’s confirmation, then all three branches of Liberia Government will be headed by southeasterners.

President Weah, who hails from the southeast (Grand Kru County) has been heavily criticized for awarding top cabinet positions to his fellow southeasterners.

He is accused of masterminding the election of Representative Bhofal Chambers (District #2, Maryland County) as Speaker of the House of Representatives and Senator Albert Chie (Grand Kru) as President Pro Tempore of the Liberian Senate.

Deputy House Speaker Cllr. J. Fonati Koffa also hails from Grand Kru County.

In his communication, former Pro Tempore Jallah said, in addition, three out of five Justices of the Supreme Court are also from the Southeast.

He said as things stand, the constitutional rights to freedom of inclusiveness and equality are being ignored and President Weah is of no help in ensuring that these rights are observed.

“The direction in which our country is heading without inclusiveness and equality, is something to consider if this democracy of ours will work or not,” he cautioned.

“The President, as head of the Executive Branch of Government is of no assistance in fostering peace and tranquility. I strongly feel that it is time for the Honorable Senate to act swiftly so as to save our democracy.”

Almost caught up with age?

As it was reported by FrontPage Africa, President Weah finally nominated Associate Justice Sie-A-Nyene Gyapay Yuoh as Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Liberia.

Justice Yuoh, is the wife of Bomi County Senator, Edwin Melvin Snowe who has openly declared his support for the re-election of President Weah comes 2023.

Some Judicial workers have termed the nomination as biased and unjust; claiming that Justice Jamestta Wolokollie who is next in line in order of ascendancy (longest serving Justice after Justice Korkpor), should have been nominated.

Others argued that Justice Yuoh, who is said to be 68 years old (date of birth not mentioned in her profile on the Judiciary website), is expected to spend just two years as she’ll be clocking 70 which is the retirement age of the Chief Justice of Liberia.


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