Angola: Elections2022 – Casa-Ce Rejects Election Results

Luanda — CASA-CE coalition Tuesday (30) rejected the final results of the general elections conducted on 24 August, released Monday by the National Electoral Commission (CNE).

In a statement sent to the media, CASA-CE Board, which filed a written complaint to the CNE, states that the results “do not reflect the electoral truth expressed by Angola’s sovereign people”.

It guarantees that, in the light of the country’s Constitution and the Electoral Law, it will use all legal mechanisms to have the complaint settled.

The Board appealed to its militants to keep calm, courage, determination and remain in good mood, but told them to avoid the acts of vandalism and riots.

Announcing the final results of the general elections, the Angolan Electoral Commission (CNE) gave the ruling MPLA party the victory, with 51.17 percent, as result of 3. 2 million, deserving 124 MPs.

UNITA, the largest opposition party, second ranked, obtained 43.95 percent (2.7million), corresponding to 90 MPs.

PRS garnered 1.14% (71,351 votes), FNLA 1.06% (66,337 votes) and PHA 1.02% (63,49 votes) got two seats each.

While, CASA-CE, with 0.76 percent (47,446 votes), did not get any MP, neither did the APN, with 0.48 percent (30,139 votes) and P-NJANGO with 0.42 percent (26,867 votes).


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