East Africa: Officer Dismissed for Reporting Police Rot to Museveni Seeks to Represent Uganda in EALA

Steven Mugarura Rukwengye, a retired police officer has expressed interest in representing Uganda in the East African Legislative Assembly(EALA).

Steven Mugarura Rukwengye, a retired police officer has expressed interest in representing Uganda in the East African Legislative Assembly(EALA).

A week before the September,9 nominations, Mugarura who retired at the rank of Assistant Superintendent of Police is one of the aspirants who have pitched camp at Parliament to canvass votes from MPs.

“I am a fervent Africanist who believes in unity for Africa if she is to extricate itself from its current social economic, political and security challenge. Therefore having an opportunity to serve in the East African parliament will leverage me to promote this noble idea that Africa desires most, “Mugarura said.

“The unity of East African countries can serve as a nucleus for subsequent unity of African nations to form a continental government with in which a universal integrated plan can be centrally pursued and foster speedy development without leaving behind any part of Africa. It’s a proven thesis and I have a workable modal for it.”

Troubled past

Mugarura has however had a troubled history, having been arrested and arraigned before the police disciplinary tribunal over a missive he wrote to President Museveni a few years ago.


In his 2016 missive, Mugarura, a former detective wrote to the president informing him of the rot in the police force.

In the missive, he detailed to the president how criminal rackets where working with senior police officers to terrorise the public but this didn’t augur well with his police bosses.

President Museveni later at the vigil of AIGP Andrew Felix Kaweesi confirmed police was infiltrated by “weevils”.

The police disciplinary court later convicted him of being away without official leave for over six years and later dismissed from the force.

“The defaulter is therefore recommended for a discharge in accordance to section 28(1) (b) of the Police Act cap 3030 since he has ceased to be and is unlikely to be efficient,” the court ruled on December 5, 2018.

He would later appeal against the dismissal but also petitioned the Inspector General of Police, Okoth Ochola, the then Justice Minister, Maj Gen Kahinda Otafiire and Internal Affairs Minister, Gen Jeje Odongo.

In September last year, Internal Affairs Minister, Kahinda Otafiire directed the reinstatement of Mugarura into the force.

“The retirement of this officer was erroneous. His case should have been brought up for review and this was not done. This is to direct you to reinstate the officer and bring up his case for proper discharge,” Otafiire’s letter reads in part.

Mugarura however says his efforts to return to police were frustrated by individuals he didn’t mention but described as “remorselessly selfish and corrupt in the system”.

“I am however not concerned with this. I am now concentrating my effort on nurturing political enthusiasm and other businesses since I have closed in to my retirement targeted time and done away with dissipated energy on unscrupulous individuals who clog the systems for selfish reasons. I am focused on representing my country in EALA,” he said.


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