Gambia: Sami Nawetan Organiser Seeks Sponsorship

CRR — Musa Jallow, organiser of a 9-village football tournament in the Sami District of Central River Region is appealing for sponsorship for continuation and completion.

He organised the tournament for youth of the nine communities but said he was not financially strong to offer winners attractive prizes at the end of the tournament.

According to him, sports especially football is lagging behind in the region as a result of lack of support.

He said teams participating in the competition contributed a token of money each but that was not sufficient to buy a trophy and award deserving teams at the end of the tournament.

He also said that they have been organising football tournaments within the area but have never received assistance or sponsorship from the Regional Football Association or Ministry of Youth and Sports.

He noted that the tournament is organised to bring young people together to showcase their talents but also ensure unity among them as well as select the best players to represent the region.

He therefore appealed to government through the Ministry of Youth and Sports and all football stakeholders to come to their aid in ensuring the goal of the tournament is achieved.

Villages participating in the tournament are Changai Torro, Changai Wollof, Fittu Fula, Fittu Wolof, Kibiri, Kalemg Jawo, Kalemg Sainey, Demba Kally and Jalakoto.


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