Liberia: Pres. Weah Pays Graduation Fees for Over 1,300 Graduates of Umu

Doemah Town — President George Weah has promised to pay all 1,307 graduates of the 18th graduating class of the United Methodist University.

The pronouncement comes following a similar gesture made to 356 graduates of the African Methodist Episcopal Zion University when he serves as the Keynote Speaker for the 31st Convocation Program on June 10, 2022.

The move by the President comes after he paid for all students from the University of Liberia graduate school.

Also, in March 2022, President Weah paid the amount of $55,800 to the University of Liberia authorities through the president of the class to cover all the expenses for 124 students from the graduate school who graduated from various disciplines.

After giving his keynote address, the president of the United Methodist University Rev. Dr. Yar Dorlah Gonway-Gono announced that President has given over 400,000 US$ to pay the graduation fee for over 1300 graduates.

“Graduates, let me make this announcement to you, the President has asked me to tell you that he has decided to pay 400,000 for your graduation fees,” Rev. Gono disclosed as the graduates shouted praising the President for his gesture.

Be Prepared for the Challenges after Graduation

Early during his remark, President Weah told the graduates to be strong as the most challenging time is after they leave the walls of the United Methodist University.

“I want to talk to you the graduates that as you graduate today, be ready and be prepared. Be prepared for the challenges awaiting you,” President Weah told the graduates.

President Weah, as feminist in chief, praised the 18th graduating class for putting out more females than their male counterparts.

“Out of 1300 plus, I understand that 61 percent of the graduates are females while the rest are males. As Liberia feminist in chief, I must applaud you for that,” President said.

Adding up, President Weah congratulations the United Methodist University for imparting knowledge to the Liberian public since 1998.

This, the President says has buttressed the effort of achieving quality education in Liberia.

“I love education, I believe that education is the most effective thing that can affect human capital,” he said. President Weah added: “Since I became President I have told my family members to finish their studies. I will like to encourage all the parents to support their children’s education for a better future.”


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