Liberia: Nathaniel Mcgill Dissociates Himself From Social Media Accounts Opened in His Name

Monrovia — Suspended Minister of State for Presidential Affairs, Nathaniel McGill, has disassociated himself from social media accounts attributed to him.

McGill described the accounts as fake, adding that some suspected impostors opened various social media accounts in his name without his knowledge or approval.

He said complaints were duly lodged and registered with the relevant host platforms to no avail.

“I hereby dissociate my humble self from the creation, ownership and operation of any such social media accounts,” he told FrontPageAfrica.

“I equally declare that all exchanges and communications therefrom are without my knowledge or input in any way whatsoever.

“I humbly call on the general public on and offline to disregard any and all exchanges and communications from the fake social media accounts.”

He also called on social media platforms owners, creators and operators to “realize the dangers their highly valued technologies portend to the society”, and urged them to rise to the challenge of preventing further creation and use of fake accounts on social media.

“I call on the discerning general public, and followers to exercise patience until the resolution of these complaints are addressed,” he said.

He also cited a reference to the negative impact of such fake social media handles, regarding an incident that occurred after he was placed on sanctions by the US Treasury Department last month.

“I must acknowledge and appreciate the diligence of well-meaning followers who were quick to observe and object to these accounts on basis of their good knowledge of me.”

He said some of the communications were designed to set him against legitimate and established responsible religious organisations and individuals, adding that in some cases, they portrayed him negatively in relation to certain sentiments and core societal values.

“There is sufficient justification to conclude that those unholy acts against me during this period may be sponsored by opponents and enemies of progress,” he added.

“This is to disparage me or stain my image and distract the from objective of fighting for the re-election of President George Weah.”


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