Liberia: Trying to Solidify Stronghold – Jewel Howard Taylor’s Week-Long Visit to Bong

Monrovia — Vice President Jewel Howard Taylor has concluded a week-long consultative meeting in and across Bong County, where she did not only assess the development challenges and gaps of Liberia’s third vote-rich county.

Howard-Taylor, a native of Sanoyea District in Bong County, used the week-long visit to rally residents of the county to vote for President George Weah in 2023 for having the audacity to choose their own daughter as his vice president.

According to the vice president, the primary goal of the week-long consultative events was to unite and promote peace and co-existence among residents of the county.

She called on residents to put their socio-political differences aside and come together as “brothers and sisters” to advance the well-being of residents and accentuate their county to noble heights.

She thanked the people of Bong for their massive support to the government of President Weah and stated that the Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC) government was deeply grateful to Bong County for its unwavering support from 2017 to the present.

Howard-Taylor, an esteemed Chief of the Kpelleh land, pointed out that when other presidential candidates looked over places for a vice running mate in 2017, President Weah chose Bong County and selected their daughter to become his vice president, a generosity that must be jealously cherished and remembered by the great people of Bong County.

In her well-organized and jammed-packed consultative meetings with Chiefs, elders, politicians, local officials, women groups, youth groups, religious and business communities, and other essential segments of the county, Veep Taylor stated that as a mark of gratitude to President Weah and the CDC government who have handsomely honored Bong county with the Number-2 position in the power structure of Liberia, she pleaded with her kinsmen to overwhelmingly support the reelection of the Weah-Taylor bid come 2023.

She intimated and strongly emphasized that President Weah and the CDC are highly counting on the unflinching support of Bong as it is counting on the rest of the other counties to secure a decisive win in 2023.

Howard-Taylor told residents of the county that President Weah and the CDC are counting on the votes of Bong County in 2023 and remain profoundly grateful to the county for the unyielding support to his government.

“We need Bong more than ever, so I call on my resilient people of Bong to give us their support in a very massive way, come 2023. This election in 2023 is a Bong County affair. For the more than 170 years that Liberia has been in existence, Bong County has always been asked to support other people for the presidency, but never had the opportunity to provide a Vice President. This is the first time in our history that somebody has said, ‘the Kpelle people, who are the largest tribe in our country, deserve something. So, let’s ask them to come and join us. It took President Weah with that wisdom to bring the Kpelle people on board. And it’s not just me at the Vice-Presidential level, there are many deputy and assistant ministers that are working in various sectors. I was shocked when we called the political parties’ meeting last Friday that almost 32 persons came from different agencies working for the government. So, Bong County is really represented in the government space.

“This election is a Bong County issue. In this election President Weah is running, but Bong County is running too because your daughter is sitting in this space. If we continue to do the work we are doing, we will continue to ask that Bong County stand with me, because I am the one sitting in the Number 2 seat. If we go and give the Bong County vote to somebody else, there will be a Vice President that will not come from Bong. But I believe Bong County has a chance in 2023 to add our voice together for the Weah-Taylor ticket because Bong County is involved in this process. I am satisfied with the level of support we have gotten from all of the meetings, and I am doing a report to His Excellency the President, to talk about all of the shortfalls at the county level,” Madam Taylor said when she addressed the media at the close of her consultative meetings.

She named several development projects the government has progressively embarked on in the areas of road development, healthcare, and education, and revealed that President Weah will soon be in the county to cut the ribbon on the completion of most of those projects. Political pundits say with the massive turnout at these consultative meetings that brought the entire county together, for almost a week, there is no doubt that Bong County remains the stronghold of Veep Taylor.


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