South Africa: Amaphela Taxi Protest Blocks Cape Morning Traffic – South African Briefs – September 2, 2022

Cape Town — Protests in Cape Town Bring Morning Traffic to Standstill

Cape Town traffic is returning to normal after protesters disrupted morning rush hour by setting a bus alight and stoning cars passing by. There were road closures at Klipfontein and Borcherds Quarry, Duinefontein, Govan Mbeki and New Eisleben roads.

Amaphela (Avanza taxis) drivers are said to have blocked the N2/ R300/ Govan Mbeki road near Phillippi and Nyanga. The drivers allege bullying tactics by the City of Cape Town so they “can’t earn a living”.  Police say  several units are patrolling the Nyanda  policing precinct, and c ases of public violence, malicious damage to property were registered, while seven people were arrested.

More Loadshedding Warnings From Eskom

National electricity provider Eskom announced that planned power cuts – loadshedding – is expected to continue in summer with Stage 4 being the maximum implemented in its Power System Outlook plan.

Eskom is also preparing to conduct plant maintenance that could not be done during winter, which means South Africa could face up to 27 days of loadshedding in September.

The first loadshedding period started in late 2007 and continued to May 2008. Several reasons have been given since, including the supply of coal to coal-fired plants, increased demand and sabotage.

Parents Of 21 Children Found Dead at Tavern Consider Legal Action For Access to Full Postmortem Report

The families of the 21 teenagers killed at Enyobeni Tavern in East London say they’ve been told that their children died of suffocation, but want to see the full autopsy report. Eastern Cape Officials apparently told them the full report is confidential, denying them access to documentation and any further explanations.

Parents of the deceased children believe the full story of what happened that night. Chemical poisoning was suggested in an initial report, while pre-toxicology examinations found methanol in all 21 bodies of the deceased. The families have told reporters that they’re considering legal action to access the final report.


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