Nigeria: Insecurity, Corruption Threatening Nigeria’s Unity, Cleric Warns

Against the backdrop of insecurity bedevilling the country, hardship, corruption and bad governance, a Christian cleric, Rev Fr Stephen Onyema, has warned that the unity of Nigeria as a nation is at stake.

The cleric stated this in a paper titled, “Entrenching Good Governance In 2023: A Panacea to Insecurity and Injustice in Nigeria” at a three-day seminar organised by the Catholic Laity Council of Nigeria, Kaduna Ecclesiastical Province.

“From the history of Nigerian politics, one may say unequivocally that lack of good governance has continued to manifest in Nigeria in almost all successive political administrations no matter the excitement that heralds their coming to power.

“Long before now, it was assumed that democracy would provide people with an enabling environment for good governance without resorting to agitations, but since the return of democracy on May 29, 1999 to date, insecurity, nepotism, poverty and injustice have become more ferocious, constituting a serious national problem. It is safe to conclude that the survival of Nigeria as a nation today is at stake.”

“Mismanagement and corruption are on the increase in Nigerian politics today. Money meant for public projects are continually being siphoned into private accounts of individuals and nothing is said or heard about it, and where something is said and heard, nothing is ever done.

“The blood of so many Nigerians has been shed due to bad leadership that has characterised our experiences as a people. The attainment of position by our leaders today depends on rigging.

“Our leaders who are supposed to make laws for the nation have now become the greatest law breakers”.

Fr. Onyema who is the director of social communication, Kaduna Archdiocese further said, “The quality of leadership and the public office holders, their behaviours and attitudes to power, their empathy and concern for the poor are all integral to good governance and genuine democratic development”.

He stressed the need for citizens’ participation in governance especially the most vulnerable for justice and equity.

The cleric therefore advised Nigerians to vote for credible, accountable and competent candidates ahead of the 2023 general election.

He said the Kaduna Ecclesiastical province is made up of seven dioceses; diocese of Minna, Kontagora, Kano, Sokoto, Kafanchan, Zaria and Kaduna.

While speaking on the theme; “Nigeria at Crossroads: Navigating Through the 2023 Elections,” Barrister Francis Danladi Kozah said, ” The majority who dominated the political landscape has used and are using political and economic power to oppress, dominate and deal with the minority with brutal force instead of lifting them up”.

He lamented that political party and religion have become the main consideration for support and casting of votes instead of competence.


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