Ghana: MDCEs Cautioned Against Interference in Premix Fuel Sale

Horvi — Togbe Emmanuel Anomoo, Chief Fisherman of Salakope, and spokesperson for Ghana National Fishermen Council, has cautioned Municipal and District Chief Executives (MDCEs), to stop interfering in the sale of premix fuel, in the Southern part of the Volta Region.

He said some individuals continued to take advantage of loopholes in the sale of premix fuel meant for fishermen and boat owners, to indulge in illegal sale of the product.

Togbe Anomoo gave the warning at a meeting attended by 30 chief fishermen from the region at Horvi, in the Keta Municipality, to find ways of stopping some members of the Premix Fuel Committee from diverting the product meant for fishermen with backing from MDCEs.

He said “that for some years now, some MDCEs continue to interfere and with their cronies do business with the premix fuel. Equally, the distribution of fishing nets and outboard motors has become a big problem whereby the inputs are mostly distributed to families and friends.”

Togbe Anomoo noted that the alleged interference of some MDCEs and middle men in the distribution of premix fuel has made it very difficult for poor fishermen to have access to the product.

He suggested that “all chairmen of Premix Fuel Committee should submit list of all registered canoes under their jurisdiction for inspection by the monitoring team and that no chairman should be allowed to sell the premix fuel without the due process and the monitoring team.”

Mr Vincent Koku Adedze, member of the National Premix Fuel Committee and a boat owner, noted that the illegal sale of the product was painting a bad image of the team in charge of monitoring and distribution of premix fuel to the fishermen in the region.

He warned that “LI2233 binding the formation of the committee and sale of the product has not changed.”

Mr Adedze cautioned that those indulging in the diversion of premix fuel would be caught and prosecuted.

The MCE of Keta Municipality, Mr Emmanuel Gemegah, when contacted on the allegations made by the fishermen, said that he had no hand in the sale of premix fuel, but it is his duty “to ensure that the premix fuel gets to all fishermen and boat owners.”

He explained that a fisherman, who owns about six boats and fishing nets with the large number of workers came to his office to complain to him that he was finding it difficult to acquire premix fuel.”

Mr Gemagah said through negotiation with the Premix Fuel Committee, it was agreed that the fisherman should be given 40 gallons of premix fuel anytime the product is being sold.

The MCE explained that, this, became an issue, and he was accused of buying 40 gallons of the product.


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