Ghanaian Urged to Help Fight Illegal Mining

Ghanaians have been called upon to take up the fight against illegal mining to stop the country’s water bodies and forest reserves from further degradation.

General Overseer of the Evangelical Church of Ghana (ECG), Rev Maxwell K.K Liwangol, who made the call, said, the menace, which had led to the destruction of farmlands, cocoa farms and forest reserves, threaten the country’s existence.

He, therefore, asked Ghanaians to be conscious of environmental protection which was a call to duty from God to all humans to ensure their continuous existence and quality of life.

Rev Liwangol, who is also Principal of the College of Theology and Missions (CTM) was speaking in Accra last Saturday during the fifth graduation ceremony of CTM.

The event saw 30 students graduate with degrees and diplomas in theology.

“The time has come for all stakeholders to stop playing the hide and seek game in the fight against galamsey.

“I will like to call on every Ghanaian to rise up and fight to save Ghana from illegal mining activities that are destroying our land, water and the environment,” he stated.

He urged the public to actively participate in the fight by exposing all persons who were conspiring and conniving with foreigners to destroy the environment through illegal mining.

Rev Liwangolsaid “Politicians have a role to play, chiefs have a role to play, churches have a role to play, and all Ghanaians have a role to play.

“Those who engage in these illegal mining activities sit in the same church with us; they are in the same political party with us; they live in our households and our communities.

“If we love Ghana, let us stop them from destroying our environment. If they remain recalcitrant, let us smoke them out for the law to deal with them,” Rev Liwangol added.

Discussing the current economic challenges facing the country, he called on Ghanaians to put aside their

political, religious, ethnic and other differences and work together to make the country a better place.

He advised the government to prioritise their expenditure on necessities and avoid wasteful expenditure while dealing with corruption in the system to make national resources beneficial to all Ghanaians.

“The current challenges in the country should be a wakeup call for all Ghanaians, especially those who manage public resources, to prioritise their expenditure on necessities and avoid wasteful expenditure.

“While we are at this, concerted efforts must be made to deal with corruption in the system so that national resources will be utilised in a manner that benefit every Ghanaian,” Rev Liwangol stated.


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