Zimbabwe: Fringe Opposition Outfit Demands Mnangagwa’s Prosecution At ICC Over Gukurahundi

FRINGE opposition political outfit, the People’s Patriotic Party (PPP), wants President Emmerson Mnangagwa dragged before the International Criminal Court (ICC) on charges of human rights abuse relating to Gukurahundi and August 1 2018 shootings.

Gukurahundi continues to dog President Mnangagwa’s administration with critics demanding closure in the massacres that occurred in 1982 in Bulawayo and some parts of the Midlands province.

Since the massacres against perceived government dissidents no one has been arrested and held accountable with former President Robert Mugabe conceding the massacres as a “moment of madness.”

President Mnangagwa has resuscitated talk on the Gukurahundi, establishing the Peace and Reconciliation Commission to delve into the historical issue.

PPP leader Samuel Chasi in an interview with South Africa state broadcaster recently said President Mnangagwa should be prosecuted by the ICC.

“Firstly there are some reforms that have not been dealt with. The coup of 2017 was illegal. We have mass genocide which have not been resolved. In addition to that, the August shooting of 2018 is still not yet resolved.

“President Mothlanthe of South Africa came to Zimbabwe to do a commission of enquiry until today there are no results,” said Samuel Chasi.

In 2018 Mnangagwa’s administration got off to a bad foot with opposition supporters flooding streets to protest against the Zimbabwe electoral Commission’s delay in the announcement of results.

Military shot six dead with former South African President Kgalema Mothlanthe’s Commission of enquiry faulting the army.

With the 2023 elections fast approaching, the political climate continues to rise with opposition leaders being incarcerated.

Main opposition Citizens Coalition for Change legislators Job Sikhala and Godfrey Sithole have been languishing in prison since June.

Chasi also appealed to the United Nations (UN) to intervene in the political situation currently obtaining Zimbabwe.

“We have political activists behind bars with no option of being given bail or anything but we see those who are looting being let go. We see Journalists being incarcerated. There is no rule of law in Zimbabwe right now as we speak.

“There is supposed to be intervention. We need President Mnangagwa to be able to come and have dialogue over these issues. The UN must be able to intervene again,” he said.


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