Ghana: Bolt Enhances Safety of Drivers With New App Features

Bolt, the leading ride-hailing platform in Ghana, has introduced two new features on the app to keep its drivers safe and a unique rating system to improve its riders’ experience.

Similar to the ride-sharing feature for riders, the new safety feature will allow drivers to share a link with their friends or loved ones that shows their real-time journey information.

The link can be shared via email, SMS, WhatsApp or Telegram so that any third party with access to the link can follow the ride status and location in real-time.

Making the announcement in Accra on Friday, the Country Manager for Bolt in Ghana, David Kotei Nikoi, said Bolt was committed to constantly improving in-app driver and rider safety.

For this reason, he said the ride-hailing leader had introduced an active safety feature for all drivers across Ghana.

“This feature is meant to add an extra layer of driver safety whenever necessary and will act as a deterrent to people with potential malicious intent against our drivers,” he noted.

A new in-app feature, known as Driver Score, has been introduced for driver rating.

Driver Score is a transparent metric allowing drivers to better understand their in-app performance and adapt to riders’ needs.

It is designed to increase the quality of service and help drivers maximise their earnings, living up to Bolt’s promise of ‘ensuring a positive driver and rider experience.”

For drivers, the Bolt Driver app offers a comprehensive and transparent breakdown of the criteria and statistics that are put together to determine their driver score. These include cancellation rate, completed rides, safety, and any inappropriate driver behaviour.

Mr Nikoi said, “We believe that anyone who signs up to drive with Bolt wants to be a great driver. As such, the Driver Score feature gives them constant feedback about their performance which helps drivers improve. It also encourages improvements in drivers’ habits and helps them aim to offer the best possible rider experience.”


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