Kenya: Outgoing President Kenyatta to Get U.S.About $330,000 Send-Off Package

Nairobi — President Uhuru Kenyatta is set to benefit from a Sh39.6 million send-off package for having served the country for close to ten years.

President Kenyatta who will hand over the instruments of power to his successor President Elect William Ruto on Tuesday, will also be receiving Sh1.32 million as his monthly pension for the rest of his life.

The Presidential Retirement Benefits Act of 2013 states that a retired President is entitled to a lump sum payment on retirement equal to one year’s salary for every term he/she served.

President Kenyatta was earning a monthly salary of Sh1.23 million in his first term in office with an increase of Sh103,125 every year.

From Tuesday, President Kenyatta will also be entitled to Sh216,563 to fuel his cars and another Sh332,063 as his monthly house allowance.

The retiring President will also get a monthly entertainment allowance of Sh200,000.

For his monthly electricity, telephone and water bills, President Kenyatta will be receiving Sh. 379,500.

Other than monetary benefits, the incoming government will also provide the retiring President with an Office with the necessary personnel that he may require among other benefits.

He will also be provided with six security officers and four vehicles replaceable every three years.


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