Kenya: Gachagua Sworn in as Deputy President

Nairobi — RIGATHI Gachagua was sworn in as Deputy President on Tuesday, moments after William Ruto took oath as Kenya’s fifth President, effectively taking over from Uhuru Kenyatta who has served for two terms.

“I Rigathi Gachagua in full realization of the high calling, I assume office as the Deputy President of the Republic of Kenya do swear that I will be faithful and bear true allegiance to the Republic of Kenya that I will obey preserve and protect and defend the constitution as by law established… .so help me God,” Gachagua swore amid applause from the packed stadium.

Gachagua took two oaths for the allegiance to the office of the Deputy President and the other for the due execution of function of the office of the Deputy President.

After the swearing in, the oaths were signed by the President and his deputy as well as Chief Justice Martha Koome and sealed with the seal of the Chief Justice.

President William Ruto signed the certification of inauguration on behalf of his deputy which was a critical mark of the event.

“I Martha Karambu Koome to do hereby represent to the Rigathi Gachagua as the deputy president of the Republic of Kenya,” the Chief Justice said as the crowd shouted in joy.


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