Liberia: Lewis Brown Draws the Line

Endorses Cummings

Liberia’s former Foreign Minister and an Executive of the National Patriotic Party (NPP), Mr. Lewis Brown has officially endorsed the Presidential bid of Mr. Alexander Cummings of the Collaborating Political Parties ahead of the 2023 elections.

He is the second former government official from the Ellen Johnson Sirleaf regime to publicly endorse Mr. Cummings.

Mr. Brown who also served as Information Minister and Liberia’s Ambassador to the UN noted that Liberia’s cherished peace is under stress and that the 2023 general elections will be a critical determining factor as to whether the country will retrogress into its dark days or progress as a nation.

“The decisions we make in 2023 about who will lead us, will also decide, at least for a generation, if our nation will rise or fall or if we will move backward or forward,” Mr. Brown stated.

A former foreign minister under Charles Taylor’s regime, Brown represented the Liberian Government and signed the Accra Comprehensive Peace Agreement which ushered in the interim Government headed by the late Charles Gyude Bryant ending the 14 years of brutal civil conflict here 19 years ago.

Thus, the former statesman cautioned Liberians that 2023 will be a critical turning point in the country’s 175 years, “with absolutely no excuses for our mistakes if we elect the wrong leaders.”

“Who we choose to lead us in 2023, will decide the condition of the hospitals, the quality of the educational system, our personal security, as well as decide the prices of food, salaries of workers, and whether there will be jobs for the thousands of unemployed Liberians,” Mr. Brown said.

He further warned that 2023 elections will not be the time or place to gamble on the lives of Liberians and fate of the nation, but rather required sober reflection to rescue Liberia and reset how we must live with each other.

The former Liberian Ambassador to the UN said after six years of President Weah’s leadership without progress, Liberians cannot afford to put the country’s progress, our lives and that of our children on standby and false hopes.

The NPP Executive said he endorses Mr. Cummings because he has the right character, temperament, integrity, and leadership credentials to move Liberia into the future we all seek and desired for ourselves and children.

According to Mr. Brown, the CPP Standard Bearer, Mr. Cummings is an inspiration for a new mindset to reject wrongs, and motivational force for Liberians to set new standards for ourselves, aimed at making Liberia a better place for all.

“I stand with Cummings because of his boldness of vision, freshness of ideas, the courage to continue fighting, when it seems easier to surrender and the quality of leadership experience he has achieved to get things done,” Mr. Brown said.

The former Information Minister said it’s imperative that Liberians commit to changing the dysfunctional and discredited system of governance, by electing a leader to be President, rather than re-electing a President, we hope might become a leader in 2023.

Mr. Brown described the power of the President as extremely impactful in determining how the government performs and what it’s capable of becoming and achieving, noting that it’s critical as to who becomes President, Senators and Representatives in 2023.

Although, he said as a member of the NPP, which is part of the ruling Coalition for Democratic Change, his choice for Mr. Cummings is in the supreme interest of genuine real change, which all Liberians must embrace for the realization of the better Liberia we all seek.

Mr. Brown pleaded with Liberians of all persuasions, disregarding tribal, political and religious affiliation, to sacrifice individually and collectively to join ranks and change the direction of Liberia.

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