Kenya: Atwoli Urges End to Political Bickering, Backs Ruto’s Call for Unity

Nairobi — The Central Organization of Trade Unions (Kenya), COTU (K), has vowed to support President William Ruto’s call unity in a congratulatory message following his inauguration on Tuesday.

COTU (K) Secretary General Francis Atwoli, who fiercely opposed Ruto’s presidential bid, said the country’s interests surpass individual pursuits and hence the need to end “political bickering.”

“As workers, we support the President’s call for unity and reconciliation as we hope and trust, and call upon, other Kenyans of goodwill to have all hands on deck.

At such times, it’s wisdom to remember that Kenya is bigger than all of us and especially those who were involved in the political campaigns and bickering,” Atwoli stated in a statement released on Wednesday.

The veteran trade unionist emphasized on the importance on national unity saying workers stand to suffer the consequences of a divided nation.

“It is important to note that at any given time when Kenyans have failed to move in one direction, a problem has always occurred and those who have suffered the most have been workers, children and women,” he cautioned.

Atwoli said Ruto’s message during his inauguration signaled hope for the Kenyan workers.

“Therefore, the inaugural speech by President Ruto must be taken seriously as it plants a sense of hope in Kenyans,” he said.


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