Uganda: Police Assure Nyege Nyege Revellers of Security Ahead of Festival

The joint security forces have assured safety and security of fans and revellers of Nyege Nyege festival ahead of the event slated to take place this weekend.

The festival which is expected to attract over fifteen thousand people will kick off from Friday September, 15 to 18 at Itanda falls in Jinja.

Following clearance from government, police has said that it is now treating the event as one of the emerging policing events in the country especially in Busoga region.

Addressing the press in Kampala, Police spokesperson Fred Enanga assured all fans, revellers and festival goers of Nyege Nyege festival that they will enjoy the three days under tight security from the police and its sister agencies.

“We have established that there are no direct threats towards this event but we have prepared standby task teams and also drawn resources, manpower from the two regions of Kiira and Sezibwa to counter any forms of threats, vulnerabilities and eventualities that may arise targeting the festivity,” he said.

“At the same time we have prepared sufficient abilities to maintain our frontline policing services in the two regions,” he added.

He said all the land, water and aerial security assets have been drawn to Jinja to keep both the local and international tourists attending the event safe.

The laws enforcement body however cautioned revellers against all anti-social behaviour and to follow the guidelines that were issued by government.

We also ask revellers especially females to avoid entering tents without sufficient protection because once you’re in someone’s tent, he can easily compromise the situation and and you can end up getting sexually assaulted which is risky,” Enanga said.


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