Zimbabwe: Zanu-PF Gets Strict On Candidates

Freedom Mupanedemo — ZANU PF Midlands provincial leadership has said the party is going to employ a rigorous vetting exercise on cadres who intend to contest in the upcoming central committee elections as the revolutionary movement seeks to assemble a winning team ahead of next year’s polls.

Speaking during an inter-district coordinating committee meeting in Gweru yesterday, party provincial chair, Cde Larry Mavima said only tried and tested party cadres will contest for central committee positions in Midlands province.

“We are in that season again where people jostle for positions as we are set to hold our central committee elections. We are going to be strict in the vetting of these candidates. We don’t want ex-convicts representing us at such a level. We want leaders who have been in the province for a period of five years. Those who want to be there must be people who are willing to work for Zanu PF. We want people who will steer the party forward. Those who want to use money, let them use it, you can drink their beer but we will not be swayed by such in our decisions,” said Cde Mavima who is also the Midlands Provincial Affairs and Devolution Minister.

He said the province has long been proven to the revolutionary movement’s stronghold.

“We have stepped up our mobilisation drive and every party member is encouraged to play a role and encourage one another to register to vote,” he said.

Speaking during the same meeting, former Minister of State Security who is a provincial executive, Cde Owen Ncube urged party members to shun divisions and work as a unity.

“We are now a gear up to ensure that our President and the party wins the upcoming elections. We all need to work together. We need to go back and check those people in the cells and ensure that they are registered voters. That is what wins an election. Midlands has the bigger mandate to produce the biggest number of voters because President hails from this province. This has to be done in unison. Those who want positions in central committee, let’s not abuse the President’s name,” he said.

Cde Edson Chiherenge Midlands ZANU PF Deputy Provincial Chairman also concurred and called for unity of purpose among party cadres.

“We need to work together for the party to move forward. Those who wish to be in positions let’s use that energy to build cells. It is the cells which is the foundation of the party. We might want to be up there, but let us be reminded that in those positions of authority, the vacancies are few, let us be content and work for the development of our party.”

Cde Wellington Magura, who is a central committee member urged youths to participate in elections.

“Judging by the numbers of new registered voters, one thing that is very clear is that 2023 is an election for our youth. This means that the youth in this province should start to be visible with youth oriented programmes. We need our youth leaders to work together and mobilise votes for our President and the party,” he said.

The party has since opened the floor for aspiring central committee members to submit their CVs for vetting with elections to be held on 24 September.

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