Nigerian Governor Deploys Telemedicine to Address Dearth of Healthcare Workers

“If this pilot hub works as expected, we will replicate it in the other 179 communities in the state.”

Governor Charles Soludo of Anambra State has inaugurated a telemedicine hub to address the gap created by the shortage of healthcare workers in the state.

Mr Soludo, in a speech at the inauguration on Wednesday in Awka, said that the telemedicine hub was part of efforts to ensure that healthcare services were provided in all parts of the state, especially in hard-to-reach areas.

He said that the pilot hub, at the Comprehensive Medical Centre, Awkuzu, Oyi Local Government Area of the state, is connected to 10 other health centres in different communities.

He said: “Telemedicine is simply the use of telecommunication gadgets to remotely consult, diagnose and treat patients, irrespective of their locations.

“With the gap created with the rate of brain drain in the country, this technology will improve and increase access to healthcare in the state.

“If this pilot hub works as expected, we will replicate it in the other 179 communities in the state.

“I commend the Awkuzu Community for erecting infrastructure in this medical centre and we urge other communities to partner with the government and emulate this gesture”.

The Commissioner for Health in the state, Afam Obidike, said the concept and inauguration of the hub was the first in West Africa and Nigeria.

Mr Obidike, a medical doctor, said it would be beneficial to residents with the use of google diagnostics to interact with doctors in America and Abuja.

“Diagnostic google will be used at the healthcare facilities to get the doctors to attend to patients from any location.

“We have ensured that there will be minimal challenges, regarding network and power supply since we have installed solar energy to drive 24-hour services.

“This telemedicine improves the health and well-being of people by reducing delays in accessing healthcare due to time, distance and location,” Mr Obidike said.



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