Nigeria: Govt Seeks Private Sector’s Partnership to Lift 100m Nigerians Out of Poverty

Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Labour and Employment, Daju Kachallom, says the federal government’s plan to lift 100 million citizens out of poverty by 2030 is attainable if stakeholders play their expected roles effectively.

Addressing reporters in Abuja weekend, she said: “The private sector is supposed to play a huge role because we cannot all be dependent on government.”

She added: “We want more job centres created in the 744 local government areas and the states. That’s how the government equally wants to help.

“The National Directorate of Employment was actually brought to ensure that the informal sector is well taken care of and that is the problem for the government.

“A large percent of people in the informal sector are not insured, but with the National Health Insurance Act which was just passed, the insurance has to go to the informal sector too now.

“The federal government’s policy to move 100m Nigerians out of poverty is real.”


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