Nigeria: Jos Abattoir Officials Warn Against Slaughtering of Unhealthy Animals

Officials of the Jos Main Abattoir have expressed worry about butchers who hide the deficiency of their animals before slaughtering.

They also lamented the destruction of government property in the facility.

Joshua Nkwap, an inspection officer, said, “Anytime we realise that a butcher hides the deficiency of cattle during inspection, we condemn the cattle and ensure that it is not slaughtered in the abattoir.”

The Project Manager of the abattoir, Nenbut John, said, “The challenge we have is that we don’t have security at the abattoir. We have the issue of boys coming around smoking and fighting one another. They vandalise government property. They cut pipes and cables. In some cases, they break shops and steal butchers’ property.

“The animals being killed at the Jos Abattoir are healthy considering their sizes, and the environment is hygienic. We have inspection officers who usually examine the animals before slaughtering, and after the slaughtering, casual workers also ensure they wash and clean the slaughtering floor.”


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