Uganda: Entebbe Road Flooding Will End, Says Chinese Contractor

The Chinese contractor working on Entebbe road has said the flooding on the highway will soon be a story of the past.

Following the heavy rains that have hit the country in the recent weeks, sections on Entebbe road have flooded making it difficult for motorists to use the road.


China Communications Construction Company Limited(CCCC) was contracted to carry out refurbishment works on the 22km Kibuye-Entebbe Road.

The contractor has since indicated that the refurbishment works are almost complete.

However, commenting about the flooding of sections of the road, the Chinese contractor said they are still on the site along on Entebbe road attending to additional works instructed during the defect liability period, after the Ugandan National Roads Authority gave them a substantial completion certificate.


“The section of about 50 meters at Bata-Bata Namasuba is being fixed. We are taking more time on it because of the swampy nature of the area. We are putting better culverts, and reinforcement to avoid desilting which causes flooding because wetlands in the area have been encroached on, piling pressure on the roads,” Guo Zitong, the project engineer said.

The project engineer explained that they have applied modern road construction equipment in fixing the problem of waterlogging caused by the clogged water channel that overflows whenever it rains.

Past incidents

The issue of flooding of Entebbe road, especially at Bata Bata has been recurring for a long time and has been attributed to blocked drainage channels and when it rains, water flashes in the middle of the road.

This state of affairs has in the past seen a number of people killed after being swept by the floods in the area after heavy downpours.

However, according to officials from the Chinese company, CCCC, having finished all the other aspects of the road including markings, pavements and drainage channels, they are specifically addressing the flooding at Bata Bata.


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