Nigeria – Record 1.8 Tons of Cocaine Seized in Drug Bust

Nigeria’s National Drug Law Enforcement Agency has recovered cocaine with an estimated value of $278 million in what it called a record seizure.

Authorities in Nigeria have seized a record 1.8 tons of cocaine with an estimated street value of $278 million (€277 million).

The drugs were recovered from a residential estate’s warehouse in the city of Lagos, a spokesperson for the country’s National Drug Law Enforcement Agency said on Monday.

The agency added that the cocaine was destined for customers in Europe and Asia.

The drug raid came after years of investigative work and at least four people were arrested in connection with the seizure.

They are believed to be members of an international drug syndicate that was being traced by the Nigerian drug agency from 2018, in coordination with the US Drug Enforcement Administration.

West Africa is a major transit center for cocaine made in Latin America and sold in Europe.

In April this year, over two tons of cocaine was seized in Ivory Coast while 9.5 tons of cocaine was recovered in Cape Verde.

dvv/wd (dpa, Reuters)


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