Somalia: USAID Provides Millions of Dollars in Aid As Somalia Faces Drought

United States Agency for International Development [USAID] announced it is providing an additional $700 million in aid to Somalia to help mitigate the drought crisis.

The United States agency said that the drought in Somalia has reached its worst point and needs urgent support to save the lives of millions at risk of famine.

As many as 7.8 million Somalis have been affected by the worst drought in 40 years, with more than 1 million displaced by the drought, including nearly 99,000 in August.

More than 755,000 people have been internally displaced in Somalia because of the severe drought this year, bringing the total figure to 1 million people since January 2021 when the drought began, according to displacement figures released today by UNHCR, the UN Refugee Agency, and the Norwegian Refugee Council (NRC).

Acute food insecurity in Somalia has drastically worsened since the beginning of 2022, with an estimated 4.8 million people (or 31% of the total population)


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