Uganda: Solar Technologies Could Become Next Biggest Environmental Threat, Experts Warn

Environmental experts have warned that solar technologies could become one of the biggest environmental threats in the near future due to poor disposal of solar waste.

Speaking during the second day of 12th Annual CSOs Wash Forum at Hotel Africana, Ashabrick Nantege Bamutaze, the coordinator Appropriate Technology Centre at the ministry of Water and Environment said she has realized that there are a lot of fake solar products in the market.


“Many of these solar products fail shortly after they have been bought and then you find people are just having solar waste in their homes. So, if we don’t regulate solar waste, if we don’t mind the way we copy and promote technologies, we are heading into a disaster and this could be the biggest threat to the environment,” she said.

Nantege said Uganda needs to be more organized and concerned about sustainability, environmental and human health.

During the meeting, other environmentalists said increased investment in solar energy would not only increase access to affordable and clean energy for rural households, it would also help reduce carbon emissions from fossil fuels used in urban centres.


They believe that increased investment in solar powered water irrigation systems could improve agricultural production in rural areas, thereby addressing poverty and the challenges of food insecurity.

According to the experts, solar powered water pumps would enable rural households to access clean water and would improve the quality of education and life of girls and women respectively.

Stanley Okettayot, an engineer at Water for People Uganda emphasised that groundwater plays a vital role in food production, livelihood improvement, employment and wealth creation.

He said effective groundwater development and management face hydrological diversity and complexity, inadequate scientific knowledge on aquifers, pollution, limited knowledge on abstraction, and climate change.


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