Kenya: Nairobi Assembly Speaker Ng’ondi Pledges to Work With Sakaja Despite Political Differences

Nairobi — Newly elected Nairobi County Assembly Speaker Ken Ng’ondi has committed to work with Governor Johnson Sakaja despite their political differences.

Speaking on Sunday afternoon in Embakasi, Ng’ondi vowed to be dedicated to serve the people of Nairobi regardless of their political inclinations.

He said that there is no choice rather than supporting and working with the current governor to deliver to the residents.

“We do not have a choice, the governor was elected by the people of Nairobi, they made a choice to choose Sakaja as the governor. So, we must support him, we don’t have to bring in issues that will hinder service delivery to the Nairobi people,” he said.

The speaker stated that his position is to be a unifying factor at the assembly, adding that they will prioritize serving tirelessly and concentrating on the delivery of their agenda.

Ng’ondi also stated that he will ensure his unifying factor is felt on both the majority and minority side of the assembly by giving members an equal and fair chance to articulate issues that affect Nairobi residents.

“The speaker just presides over the assembly to make sure members articulate issues well in the assembly, and they remain steadfast and within the agenda as spelt in the order paper,” he added.

In a move to condemn the heinous acts of compromise and conflict of interests in the floor of the assembly, the speaker said that he will stand firm in making critical rulings as prescribed in the constitution and standing orders of the house.

“I am much alive to the fact that, that is a house of debate and under normal circumstances there will always be conflicting interest and difference in opinion, but at the end of the day you must make a ruling as prescribed in the constitution and as provided in the standing orders,” Ng’ondi lamented.

He has also promised to execute his responsibility and give county assembly members an opportunity to make decisions that are favorable to the residents.

The speaker further said that he has no authority or line of contribution in the appointments and nominations of the county executives.

Other leaders who accompanied him in a church service in Embakasi are Moses Mutinda Member of the County Assembly (MCA) Kware ward and former Makadara Member of Parliament Reuben Ndolo.


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