Kenya: Little Increase Bike Messengers Earnings By 10%

Nairobi — Kenyan taxi-hailing app Little Cab will increase bike messengers earnings for more than 5 kilometers covered.

The firm’s chief executive officer (CEO) Kamal Budhabhatti said that the company will offer riders an additional 10 per cent earning to improve service offering.

Little offers a drop off delivery point of 7 kilometers that is tiring and challenging for most bicyclists.

“I was on #electric bike, but that cycling was tiring. I learnt and felt the amount we pay our drivers, especially who are on bikes can be more. So we are increasing the amount we pay our cycle Drivers by around 10% for distance more than 5 KMS,” the CEO said in his LinkedIn page.

This comes at a time when Little wants commissions paid by drivers capped at 18 percent, which is being contested by Uber.

Under the National Transport and Safety Authority’s (NTSA’s) regulation cap on commission, the authority seeks to cap charges to protect local drivers.

However, Uber has challenged the capping saying that it will push them out of business.

Taxi-hailing drivers have been calling the Government to reduce commission charges on trips as it hurts them.

This comes at a time when prices of fuel has been rising amid removal of Government subsidy on oil last month.

In September, a litre of petrol rose to historic high of Sh179 from Sh159 in the previous month.

Uber, which was the first to enter the Kenyan market, pays a commission of 25 per cent while Bolt and Little Cab drivers earn 20 and 19 per cent respectively.


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