Kenya: Mudavadi Says Wasn’t Involved in Goldenberg Scandal but Dismantled It

Nairobi — Prime Cabinet Secretary nominee Musalia Mudavadi says he was not involved in the Goldenberg scandal and actually dismantled cartels behind the grand saga.

Appearing before the National Assembly appointment committee, Mudavadi stated that when he took up the Finance docket at the age of 33, the grand scandal during the President Daniel Moi era was fully blown.

“I was appointed the Minister of Finance when the Goldberg saga was coming to its full-blown situation. This was really a scheme where the intention of government went sour and was misused, causing the country a lot of damage and expenses,” Mudavadi said.

The Prime Cabinet Secretary nominee explained that a judicial commission of inquiry conducted during President Mwai Kibaki regime gave him a clean bill of health on the matter.

“I took up the role of dismantling the network of Goldenberg cartels. There was so many issues to this and subsequently there was judicial commission of inquiry which was conducted for a two year period and the report clearly exonerates me for being part of the scandal,” he stated.

Responding to integrity questions raised by Minority Whip Junet Mohamed, Mudavadi further explained that he was not involved in the cemetery saga which involved over pricing of land.

Mudavadi said that the culprits who took part have since been charged.

“Those who were culpable were tried and convicted. I was not part of them. Its important that this issues come to rest as the details come out,” he stated.


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